Meeting Notes — 2/4/2018

Canton Meeting February 4 2018.
In physical attendance Seneschal, Herald, Chatelaine,A&S, Martial..

Seneschal – Quarterly report submitted late (2/4/18) but has now been submitted.
Herald – reports in nothing else to report.
Exchequer – Domesday submitted,still working on updating signatories. .
A&S – Coin day for Stone Dog a giant success, over 1000 coins made. Next work day March 3rd,will work on bags and other projects for the event.
Chatelaine – nothing new, no news from university on demo.
Marshal – Continue with practice nobody dead.
Webminister – will be contacted about updates to stone dog site

Old business –
Bardic Madness 2018 – nothing new to report
Stone Dog 2018 – have been given list of needs for food bank. New iteration of Stone Dog or other Grey Gargoyles event needs to be talked about and identified.

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