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Meeting Notes — 4/12/2018

Canton Meeting April 12, 2018.
In physical attendance: Seneschal Helewyse, Herald Etienne, Marshal Lucas, exchequer Siobhan, Member Godfrey.

Seneschal –May meeting combine with Tuesday armoring meeting May 8th, June 5th, at church July 8th. Baronial meeting is May 20th at church.

Herald – report was filed on time. Intend to resign office and hand off to deputy, provided that officer shuffle occurs.

Exchequer – looking at stepping, down, Dori stepping up, Godfrey looking as being deputy.
Monthly report filed on time.

A&S – Canton report filed, late because of dead computer issues.

Chatelaine – new people corresponding but not coming out.
Family Fun Fest Sept 22nd, donate items to raffle table for prizes, we don’t pay for table as we are on the committee. May 17th Next JFF meeting, no one can make meeting, will get email update if no one can make meeting.
May 6th demo at Ida Noyes University of Chicago, talking to Ayreton chatelaine about spreading the love to them.

Marshal – Hey look people fighting, lots of deaths no-one hurt, report filed.

Webminister – emails still pending setting up. Will update emails by end of the month.

Old business –
Bardic Madness 2018 – we are on the calendar here October 27th will be kicking up after stone dog. The bardic provost has a webpage for the challenges, best to link from it Bardic Madness website. Alternates between challenges and classes.

Stone Dog 2018 post-event thoughts. No deaths, one marriage, one sacking, everyone seems to have fun. We lost about 40% of coins, 136 people on site, 100-125 normal, above average turnout. Feast went well, sold out. If this is the last official stone dog we can close on a high note. Fighting (heavy) Octavian took over, plenty of rapier fighters, one and one and melee outside. Horse racing was fun. Pawn shop Godrick had no problems, location was of benefit. Would like to keep tasting. Beverage bar went well especially with upselling at gate,92 bought beverage bar. Wanting to push on other groups in the area. Lunch ran out of meat stew, make more!
Financials: took in $2700 total, expenses $1672.02, total profit of $852.98. Paperwork for NMS ($175) and event report needs sent in, waivers will be sent tomorrow.

Stone Dog 2019 – Let’s talk later, fall/winter rather than spring. Maybe merge with scribing and imbibing or host a winter event.

Meeting Notes – 3/25/2018

Canton Meeting March 25 2018.
In physical attendance: Seneschal Helewyse, Webminister Samii, Chatelaine Alys, Herald Etienne, Marshal Lucas, co-autocrat Dori, Church organizer susan.

Seneschal – Nothing to report, We need to talk about May, June, and July meeting. May meeting combine with Tuesday armoring meeting May 8th, June 5th, at church July 8th. Reach out to Ayreton seneschal about moving the Baronial meeting from May 13th. May 20th is fine for church.

Herald – report will be filed in time,

Exchequer – report sent in:
Current statement:
As of 2/28/2018 – $2026.91 in bank.

Activity since 3/1:
– $500 feast advance has been submitted to Samii/Milan Nelson. Check cashed.
+ $204 – 7 Stone Dog pre-registrations cashed.
I have learned that my current listed deputy, Lady Matilda, will not actually be able to take over my position when I step down without relinquishing her position as baronial exchequer. Therefore we will need a new exchequer deputy, one who can take over in a year’s time when my warrant expires. It would also be of greater advantage to the group to have an exchequer who lives in closer physical proximity to the rest of the canton.
It was noted that the reason that Siobhan ended up being exchequer was because she was it (so to speak) there really isn’t anyone who can step up as deputy exchequer at this time

A&S – we did prep for stone dog, weaving, stocks refinished and fixed, sealed with vinyl sealer

Chatelaine – new people corresponding but not coming out.
Family Fun Fest Sept 22nd, donate items to raffle table for prizes, we don’t pay for table as we are on the committee. Meeting 5th April in evening. Looking for sponsors.

Marshal – Hey look people fighting, lots of deaths no-one hurt, report filed.

Webminister – needs to set up emails. Website been fixed. Updates will be posted tonight. Email baronial webminister about updating the Grey Gargoyles fight practice information.

Old business:
Bardic Madness 2018 – we are on the calendar here October 27th will be kicking up after stone dog.

Stone Dog 2018 – we got everything pre-prepped for site and games, need to do printing of schedule
9am site open
10am tourneys, games, classes,
Noon – 1pm lunch
3pm horse race
3.30 games close and populace pillow fight
4pm Baronial court
4.30 pm wedding ceremony
5pm feast and raffle
8pm site closes

All day beverage bar – soda water with syrups, hot coffee, hot tea, cocoa, herbal tisanes. $1 for the day provide your own mug
Lunch – meat and potato stew or chick pea vegetable stew, bread roll and butter (gluten free crackers), cookie and fruit, hit the drinks.
From the exchequer – Stone Dog:
Pre-registration – as of 3/23, we have 7 gate (4 member, 3 non-member), 7 lunch, and 7 feast pre-reg.

Gate box – I will need a gate box for site. I have a couple baskets that can be used for site/feast/lunch tokens if we are using them. Will be provided.

Gate Change – It has been suggested by Regional to have $250 in gate seed change in $5 and $1 bills. Due to my housing/parking situation, I would feel much safer is someone closer to the event site were the one to get the seed money if possible. I usually have to park a decent way away from my apartment, a couple miles, and I don’t feel safe with that much canton money walking/biking from my car to my apartment or back. Because of how early the event is on Saturday and the drive time, I would not be able to get it Saturday morning at my local branch. – Event Steward (Etienne) will co-ordinate with Siobhan and Susan to get a signed check which he will use to provide for the seed money.

New Business:
Stone Dog 2019 – Look at combining with other groups or moving event date.

Meeting Notes — 2/4/2018

Canton Meeting February 4 2018.
In physical attendance Seneschal, Herald, Chatelaine,A&S, Martial..

Seneschal – Quarterly report submitted late (2/4/18) but has now been submitted.
Herald – reports in nothing else to report.
Exchequer – Domesday submitted,still working on updating signatories. .
A&S – Coin day for Stone Dog a giant success, over 1000 coins made. Next work day March 3rd,will work on bags and other projects for the event.
Chatelaine – nothing new, no news from university on demo.
Marshal – Continue with practice nobody dead.
Webminister – will be contacted about updates to stone dog site

Old business –
Bardic Madness 2018 – nothing new to report
Stone Dog 2018 – have been given list of needs for food bank. New iteration of Stone Dog or other Grey Gargoyles event needs to be talked about and identified.

Meeting Notes — 1/11/2018

Canton Meeting January 11th, 2018.

In physical attendance: Seneschal and Chatelaine, A&S. Everyone else phoned in.

Seneschal – Checked to make sure every one is good with the
Herald – reports in nothing else to report.
Exchequer – We have $1286.65 at end of year. Draft domesday submitted, should have it for signatures at 12th night. Still working on signatories. Will have check book at 12th night.
A&S – Report submitted on time.
Chatelaine – nothing new
Marshal – Continue with practice, nobody dead. Post 12th night fight practice. Tip jar for fight practice. Warren IL, potential practice site.
Webminister – I need updated officer list and emails from people to update website.

Old Business
Bardic Madness 2018 – Community and Church is fine with 27th of November
Stone Dog 2018 – Samii -We have a feast menu for Stone Dog. It’s been posted. Pre-reg forms are up on the SD website. I have Saturday of the event confirmed off (yay). Any information on events/activities that you want posted on the website can be emailed or messaged to me. Invite people using FB or the website!
Following Maidens going to start weekly postings to get peoples interest.
Will be approved expenses coming up soon.
Coin making day – A&S day will be advertised.
Alessandra – child background checked person identified on the website, event can be promoted on family SCA pages.
Merchants for Stone Dog?

Meeting Notes – 10/22/2017

Canton Meeting October 22nd 2017

Seneschal – report will be filed soon.  Warrented for another year.

Herald – Susan received a Dragons Heart at local event.

Exchequer – Review of books went well.  Good for 2 years.  New updates on random things.  Exchequer must have deputy.  Signatories need update to current officers. Paperwork forms are going to online reporting. New reimbursement form needed effective immediately. All bank statements need signed monthly.

A&S – report in on time.  Midlands regional will be shire of Ravenslake April 21st.  See rules on Midrealm page.  Also bringing back Regional craftpersons faire. Look for changes coming. Want every region to have one a year.

Chatelaine – Successful demo in Joliet, 17 members came out, not counting our children.  Trying to make sure we aren’t up against coronation.
Demo request for December 2nd, University of Chicago, it’s the same day as Christmas tourney.  Request was for either fighters dance A&S booths. Will coordinate with Ayreton Chatelaine.

Marshal – No-one hurt, continue to have practice weather permitting.  Doing the thing fought at Rose Tourney.

Webminister – Samii needs your preferred email address so he can get forwarding set up for the kingdom issued ones. Email [email protected]

Other business –

Bardic Madness 2018 – been approached to run 20th anniversary.  Siobhan autocrat.  Pretty laid back event, bards run the activities, we provide autocrat, troll and food.  Date fall 2018. Oct 27th, Nov 17th, Dec 8th as potential dates.

Stone Dog 2018 – Theme of the event, Norman vs. Mongol.  Peoples auction tickets will be either blue or red, we see which side sells most tickets.  Helewyse, Louise and PR, Webpage – not yet, Warder Kai – rapier tourney, Kids activities increasing the number of children in attendance by PR and dropping charge for children under 12.  Siobhan looking at running classes. Childrens marshal, childrens bar room brawl.  Steve made motion to approve budget Sarah seconded.  All in favor.

Locker at UofC – Alys needs to co-ordinate with Thumper to pick up poles and files etc. We may be able to do it Sunday..

Meeting Notes – 9/10/2017

Present – Helewyse, Etienne, Loretta, Alice, Zygar, Milan/Samii, Siobhan, Bones.

Seneschal – I was late with my report. Be aware that kingdom is being fussy, with exchequer.

Exchequer – We need to do a review of the books, scheduled for all souls.  Currently $2486, check for storage still needs to clear, still need a check from camp.  Alice and Zygar need a check for the demo.  Receipts will be handed in after demo.  Once everything is tallied, $2200 and change. Discussion about future handling of grey gargoyles camp and storage will be deferred until Sarafina can visit.

Webminister – we still have a website, report was sent on time.  We should have the new email set up by the end of the year. Old (personal) email addresses are currently still listed.

Samii was in competition and Siobhan is making stuff and report was filed almost on time. Alice has pewter to make pewter stuff with.  A pewter day will be scheduled soon.

Herald –
Deputy reports, stupid reason that device didn’t pass last time.  Suggested a border and move the line of division. Motion to make changes as suggested passed.

Archery – doing individual things

Knights Marshall
–    Continue to have practice, no-one has been hurt, filed report on time. Had a new guy come out today.

Student rep –
have we had any contact with Dylan or any student rep? No we need to organize dates/times to clear out storage unit and store elsewhere.  Maybe we’ll find another student.

Chatelaine and demo in Joliet –
Need to know – what our square footage is?  Need to know for fighters and for setting up tent?  Do I need a list field or should I have martials at the perimeter.  Can we set up tents with stakes or pop ups only. Is there a secure storage location if we drop it off the night before. Sir Dru may have free standing list ropes. Used to use them at practice. Master Janos might have them.
Heavy fighters 4 or 5 maybe more, couple rapier fighters. Keep pressure up to get people to turn up to the event.  At least 3 bards willing to show up.  I have photocopies for kids. Children under 12 are allowed to hit knights with boffer, Acelina is also a youth marshal.  Bring a spare helmet guantlets for kids to try on. What time do they start letting us in? Do our volunteers have to pay? What is the bug out time? How many tables can fit under the sheltered area, controlled area? Rather than out in the field.  We can segregate A&S vs fighting. How big was it last time 1000 people or 1000 families. Are there going to be food vendors or do we need to consider packing food.  Water Gatorade needs to be provided to fighters. List of resources available to the group meetings and activities in the area.

Stone Dog 2018 – Dori and Steven volunteered to co-autocrat. Sami will be in charge of feast. Siobhan volunteered for classes. Date for 2018 is not fixed.  Aiming for first weekend in April (April 7th), no calendar at the church yet. Helewyse offered to PR. April 21st may be the alternative date.

Crown tourney – Milan made motion to borrow banners, motion passed. MoAS asking for projects to display a coronation. October 21st (Sat). Bring banners, information on Carrag Ban website.

When is a demo a Canton demo? When is it a household demo? There is no problem if a household wishes to demo fighting, however, it has to be completely independent (with no canton equipment or officers) OR it needs to follow SCA rules. It has to be one thing or the other. We need to be careful of this as it potentially exposes the SCA to liability risk.

Meeting Notes — 11/6/2016

November 2016 Grey Gargoyles Meeting

Present – Louise, Christina, Steven, Susan, Adam & Dillon (student reps)

Seneschal – New schedule system working currently for everyone? Agreement from Adam and other parties.

A&S minister – MOAS, reports filed, Godrick continues to offer armoring nights.

Archery – archery is everything ongoing,

Webminister – – We still have a website.
– Working on stone dog website on the back-end.
– Report due on the 15th, will be sent in within the next 2 days..

Herald – nothing to report, some people to submit names and devices

Student rep – 2 or 3 people consistently, hopefully 4 new consistent Future A&S on an ad hoc basis. Possible student grad here too.

Exchequer – $2215.43 in funds, $2111.22, NMS not cleared from stonedog. Check missing from 1 year ago to Siobhan, may need a reissue.

Marshal – Godfrey passed sword and shield yesterday, Lucas passed two stick.  Practices and new people.

Stone Dog –
April 1st confirmed with St Sephens Lutheran, and Kingdom Calendar
Tournament of the courtier is a go
Merchants – contact Samii
Lunch still seeking someone.
Feast – $720, 80 people, $12/head. Greecian Feast. Maestra di cucina – Helewyse
Site Fee – church asked for $200, may donate $200 extra
Samii and Chirstina need to work on Budget.
Steven willing to run games.

Other business – close meeting.

Challenge of Threes

Greetings all!


As Canton MOAS, I am issuing an A&S challenge to all within Grey Gargoyles (and any other Ayretonians who wish to participate) – The Challenge of Threes.  There are three levels to this challenge, each of which can win participants a prize made by my own hands!  Enthusiasm and participation are prized here over precise periodicity, so please join in!  This Challenge will run through Stone Dog 2017, Apr 15.


The Details:


Level 1 – LEARN 3 Things – Learn about 3 topics in period, new to you, and tell me about them!  Arts and Sciences topics are preferred, but any topics new to you count! Minimum of 3 sentences per topic if you’re writing me, or for you illiterate warrior-types, tell me at an event or practice.  Completion of this level will earn you a delicious homemade food or drink thing!


Level 2 – MAKE 3 Things – Make 3 things found in period, new to you, and tell me about them!  Note, these need not be physical items; bardic composition, etc are welcome also. Again, you can either write a minimum of 3 sentences and show me a picture, or show/tell me in person.  Completion of this level will earn you a handmade cloth or jewelry craft!


Level 3 – TEACH 3 Things – Teach 3 topics to at least 3 other people, and tell me about it!  These need not be formal classes at events (although you’re always encouraged to do so!), but at least 3 other people must be present/learning for it to count. As before you can write or tell me in person…even better, invite me to the class or give me a handout from it!  Completion of this level will earn you a leather craft of mine!



Now, who will meet my challenge?

Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht

MOAS, Canton of Grey Gargoyles

Meeting Notes – 6/5/2016

June 5th  – Grey Gargoyles meeting – held in Midlothian.
Seneshcal – quarterly report was filled a day late but still filled. Demo opportunity missed, no interest
Exchequer – $4026.54, several undeposited checks, event report completed. Bank report completed. NMS mailed on time
Webminister – we have a website, will be updated with history of stone dog. Report sent on time.
Siobhan, A&S nothing much, Archery – nothing to report, Chatelaine – no movement on anything. Herald – working on personal devices.
Marshal – Dilan authorized at Tournament of Flowers, Lucas just fighting.
Old Business – none
New Business –
Baronial meet up report from Milan- Making leather circlets for Barony for AoAs, Baroness Wars looking for teams, Chatelaines touching base with each other, need articles for news letter.  Thrown weapons MIT classes at 50 year.  Looking to bid for crown tourney 2016.  Scribin and imbibing 3 set
Sept 11th next meeting. Ayreton asking – discussion regarding Grey Gargoyles to host, possibly at Church. Helewyse to head up.
Stone Dog – Milan volunteering to autocrat next year. Silk Road themed, will be mostly handled online. Tentative date – April 15th 2017.
Permission to spend money on straws and Gatorade – granted
Brief conversation about future direction of Grey Gargoyles.
Hearing no further business meeting closed.