A message from the Defender of the Gate
Vaccine check procedure for Scribin’ and Imbibin’ at the Stone Dog Inn
Per the revised COVID policies of the SCA and the Midrealm we shall proceed as follows.
When you arrive on site please come to the check-in table first.
You will need to show ID (State license/ID, SCA Blue card, etc.) and either proof of vaccination or negative results of a COVID test done within the last 72 hours. Note–rapid at home tests are not acceptable for this.
Then fill in and sign the form. It’s a bit like showing authorization card and signing the waiver.
I will give you a star token and we are done.
Then proceed to Gate and check in.
Dietrich von Hamburg



Tavern Brew Mistress: Helewyse de Birkestad, OL, OP

Thrown weapons – The plan is for darts, daggers and axes weather permitting. Side bets with coin of the realm (talons only) are allowed and encouraged.

Food Fight – If someone has offended your fine sense of dining, you can join in the food fight and show them the errors of their ways and raise the bar for fine dining. Or not depending of course how good your aim is. Side bets with coin of the realm (talons only) are allowed and encouraged.

Games – Stone Dog Inn is legendary for the games of chance and skill that allow you to increase your pool of talons. Come gamble in the Inn between classes while sharing a beverage with your friends.

Talons – Earn talons by playing games, you can also earn talons by donating canned goods to the church food bank. The food bank is in need of the following Canned chicken, tuna, ham, breakfast cereal, spaghetti sauce, jelly, canned fruit.

Brute Squad – Stone Dog Tavern is a place known for being rough and rowdy with many famous rouges. For the low low price of 20 talons you can identify perpetrators of nefarious deeds for their time in the stocks. They are also on the look out for counterfeiters and will ensure they spend time in the stockades.

White elephant raffle to benefit the church food bank – we know that you have items in your house that are no longer used by you in the SCA. Bring your gently used SCA appropriate items to us and let us raffle them off.  You may acquire tickets for the raffle in one of three ways:

  1. donate an item to the white elephant raffle – 5 tickets per item
  2. buy raffle tickets at 10 talons for 1 ticket, 50 talons for 6 tickets, 100 talons for 14 tickets and 200 talons for 30
  3. buy raffle tickets (all proceeds will be donated to the food bank) – $1 per ticket, $5 for 6, $10 for 14.