Virtual Scribing and Imbibing

May 16th from 9 AM to 8 PM

Event features:

Calligraphy and Illumination

Brewing related to everything drinkable; Wine, Beer, Mead, Cider, Cordials and Non-alcoholic beverage.


Class Handouts

site schedule

The Barony of Ayreton and The Canton of Grey Gargoyles presents Virtual Scribing and Imbibing

Greetings, many thanks and my gratitude to all the people who came together to make this happen. Below is the site and class schedule along with the the Zoom guide. This is an exciting event and involves many amazing artists, teachers, friends and family please come and enjoy the classes and fine company!
Any thoughts or comments that can help please let me know!

0830 site opens, games and classes will begin at 0900 and end at 4 PM.

Court will be begin at 4:15

Below is the current plan for how the classes will be set up.
1) Announce that the Class Session is about to begin.
2) Announce the names of the Classes.
3) Ask who wants to be in each class.
4) Create the breakout rooms and rename them
5) Assign the students to their breakout rooms.
6) the teacher teaches the class.
7) use the broadcast function to broadcast a message to the rooms when there’s 10 minutes left in the session.
8 ) Close the breakout rooms when the time is up.

Please use this link to join the Zoom event.…

This is the link for the class schedule:…/Scribin-Imbibin-Class-S…

The site schedule:…/20…/05/site-schedule.pdf

Zoom Guide:…/2…/05/Zoom-as-a-User.pdf

Site Fee: Free

Some great Ayreton (and Cantons 🙂 ) cocktails thoughtfully provided by Baroness Hilary


Disclaimer, the law of the land requires a minimum age of 21 to partake of alcoholic beverages.

Zoom guide:

Zoom as a User