Meeting Notes — 4/12/2018

Canton Meeting April 12, 2018.
In physical attendance: Seneschal Helewyse, Herald Etienne, Marshal Lucas, exchequer Siobhan, Member Godfrey.

Seneschal –May meeting combine with Tuesday armoring meeting May 8th, June 5th, at church July 8th. Baronial meeting is May 20th at church.

Herald – report was filed on time. Intend to resign office and hand off to deputy, provided that officer shuffle occurs.

Exchequer – looking at stepping, down, Dori stepping up, Godfrey looking as being deputy.
Monthly report filed on time.

A&S – Canton report filed, late because of dead computer issues.

Chatelaine – new people corresponding but not coming out.
Family Fun Fest Sept 22nd, donate items to raffle table for prizes, we don’t pay for table as we are on the committee. May 17th Next JFF meeting, no one can make meeting, will get email update if no one can make meeting.
May 6th demo at Ida Noyes University of Chicago, talking to Ayreton chatelaine about spreading the love to them.

Marshal – Hey look people fighting, lots of deaths no-one hurt, report filed.

Webminister – emails still pending setting up. Will update emails by end of the month.

Old business –
Bardic Madness 2018 – we are on the calendar here October 27th will be kicking up after stone dog. The bardic provost has a webpage for the challenges, best to link from it Bardic Madness website. Alternates between challenges and classes.

Stone Dog 2018 post-event thoughts. No deaths, one marriage, one sacking, everyone seems to have fun. We lost about 40% of coins, 136 people on site, 100-125 normal, above average turnout. Feast went well, sold out. If this is the last official stone dog we can close on a high note. Fighting (heavy) Octavian took over, plenty of rapier fighters, one and one and melee outside. Horse racing was fun. Pawn shop Godrick had no problems, location was of benefit. Would like to keep tasting. Beverage bar went well especially with upselling at gate,92 bought beverage bar. Wanting to push on other groups in the area. Lunch ran out of meat stew, make more!
Financials: took in $2700 total, expenses $1672.02, total profit of $852.98. Paperwork for NMS ($175) and event report needs sent in, waivers will be sent tomorrow.

Stone Dog 2019 – Let’s talk later, fall/winter rather than spring. Maybe merge with scribing and imbibing or host a winter event.

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