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Meeting Notes – 3/25/2018

Canton Meeting March 25 2018.
In physical attendance: Seneschal Helewyse, Webminister Samii, Chatelaine Alys, Herald Etienne, Marshal Lucas, co-autocrat Dori, Church organizer susan.

Seneschal – Nothing to report, We need to talk about May, June, and July meeting. May meeting combine with Tuesday armoring meeting May 8th, June 5th, at church July 8th. Reach out to Ayreton seneschal about moving the Baronial meeting from May 13th. May 20th is fine for church.

Herald – report will be filed in time,

Exchequer – report sent in:
Current statement:
As of 2/28/2018 – $2026.91 in bank.

Activity since 3/1:
– $500 feast advance has been submitted to Samii/Milan Nelson. Check cashed.
+ $204 – 7 Stone Dog pre-registrations cashed.
I have learned that my current listed deputy, Lady Matilda, will not actually be able to take over my position when I step down without relinquishing her position as baronial exchequer. Therefore we will need a new exchequer deputy, one who can take over in a year’s time when my warrant expires. It would also be of greater advantage to the group to have an exchequer who lives in closer physical proximity to the rest of the canton.
It was noted that the reason that Siobhan ended up being exchequer was because she was it (so to speak) there really isn’t anyone who can step up as deputy exchequer at this time

A&S – we did prep for stone dog, weaving, stocks refinished and fixed, sealed with vinyl sealer

Chatelaine – new people corresponding but not coming out.
Family Fun Fest Sept 22nd, donate items to raffle table for prizes, we don’t pay for table as we are on the committee. Meeting 5th April in evening. Looking for sponsors.

Marshal – Hey look people fighting, lots of deaths no-one hurt, report filed.

Webminister – needs to set up emails. Website been fixed. Updates will be posted tonight. Email baronial webminister about updating the Grey Gargoyles fight practice information.

Old business:
Bardic Madness 2018 – we are on the calendar here October 27th will be kicking up after stone dog.

Stone Dog 2018 – we got everything pre-prepped for site and games, need to do printing of schedule
9am site open
10am tourneys, games, classes,
Noon – 1pm lunch
3pm horse race
3.30 games close and populace pillow fight
4pm Baronial court
4.30 pm wedding ceremony
5pm feast and raffle
8pm site closes

All day beverage bar – soda water with syrups, hot coffee, hot tea, cocoa, herbal tisanes. $1 for the day provide your own mug
Lunch – meat and potato stew or chick pea vegetable stew, bread roll and butter (gluten free crackers), cookie and fruit, hit the drinks.
From the exchequer – Stone Dog:
Pre-registration – as of 3/23, we have 7 gate (4 member, 3 non-member), 7 lunch, and 7 feast pre-reg.

Gate box – I will need a gate box for site. I have a couple baskets that can be used for site/feast/lunch tokens if we are using them. Will be provided.

Gate Change – It has been suggested by Regional to have $250 in gate seed change in $5 and $1 bills. Due to my housing/parking situation, I would feel much safer is someone closer to the event site were the one to get the seed money if possible. I usually have to park a decent way away from my apartment, a couple miles, and I don’t feel safe with that much canton money walking/biking from my car to my apartment or back. Because of how early the event is on Saturday and the drive time, I would not be able to get it Saturday morning at my local branch. – Event Steward (Etienne) will co-ordinate with Siobhan and Susan to get a signed check which he will use to provide for the seed money.

New Business:
Stone Dog 2019 – Look at combining with other groups or moving event date.