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Meeting Notes — 1/11/2018

Canton Meeting January 11th, 2018.

In physical attendance: Seneschal and Chatelaine, A&S. Everyone else phoned in.

Seneschal – Checked to make sure every one is good with the
Herald – reports in nothing else to report.
Exchequer – We have $1286.65 at end of year. Draft domesday submitted, should have it for signatures at 12th night. Still working on signatories. Will have check book at 12th night.
A&S – Report submitted on time.
Chatelaine – nothing new
Marshal – Continue with practice, nobody dead. Post 12th night fight practice. Tip jar for fight practice. Warren IL, potential practice site.
Webminister – I need updated officer list and emails from people to update website.

Old Business
Bardic Madness 2018 – Community and Church is fine with 27th of November
Stone Dog 2018 – Samii -We have a feast menu for Stone Dog. It’s been posted. Pre-reg forms are up on the SD website. I have Saturday of the event confirmed off (yay). Any information on events/activities that you want posted on the website can be emailed or messaged to me. Invite people using FB or the website!
Following Maidens going to start weekly postings to get peoples interest.
Will be approved expenses coming up soon.
Coin making day – A&S day will be advertised.
Alessandra – child background checked person identified on the website, event can be promoted on family SCA pages.
Merchants for Stone Dog?