Meeting Notes – 10/22/2017

Canton Meeting October 22nd 2017

Seneschal – report will be filed soon.  Warrented for another year.

Herald – Susan received a Dragons Heart at local event.

Exchequer – Review of books went well.  Good for 2 years.  New updates on random things.  Exchequer must have deputy.  Signatories need update to current officers. Paperwork forms are going to online reporting. New reimbursement form needed effective immediately. All bank statements need signed monthly.

A&S – report in on time.  Midlands regional will be shire of Ravenslake April 21st.  See rules on Midrealm page.  Also bringing back Regional craftpersons faire. Look for changes coming. Want every region to have one a year.

Chatelaine – Successful demo in Joliet, 17 members came out, not counting our children.  Trying to make sure we aren’t up against coronation.
Demo request for December 2nd, University of Chicago, it’s the same day as Christmas tourney.  Request was for either fighters dance A&S booths. Will coordinate with Ayreton Chatelaine.

Marshal – No-one hurt, continue to have practice weather permitting.  Doing the thing fought at Rose Tourney.

Webminister – Samii needs your preferred email address so he can get forwarding set up for the kingdom issued ones. Email [email protected]

Other business –

Bardic Madness 2018 – been approached to run 20th anniversary.  Siobhan autocrat.  Pretty laid back event, bards run the activities, we provide autocrat, troll and food.  Date fall 2018. Oct 27th, Nov 17th, Dec 8th as potential dates.

Stone Dog 2018 – Theme of the event, Norman vs. Mongol.  Peoples auction tickets will be either blue or red, we see which side sells most tickets.  Helewyse, Louise and PR, Webpage – not yet, Warder Kai – rapier tourney, Kids activities increasing the number of children in attendance by PR and dropping charge for children under 12.  Siobhan looking at running classes. Childrens marshal, childrens bar room brawl.  Steve made motion to approve budget Sarah seconded.  All in favor.

Locker at UofC – Alys needs to co-ordinate with Thumper to pick up poles and files etc. We may be able to do it Sunday..

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