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Meeting Notes — 11/6/2016

November 2016 Grey Gargoyles Meeting

Present – Louise, Christina, Steven, Susan, Adam & Dillon (student reps)

Seneschal – New schedule system working currently for everyone? Agreement from Adam and other parties.

A&S minister – MOAS, reports filed, Godrick continues to offer armoring nights.

Archery – archery is everything ongoing,

Webminister – – We still have a website.
– Working on stone dog website on the back-end.
– Report due on the 15th, will be sent in within the next 2 days..

Herald – nothing to report, some people to submit names and devices

Student rep – 2 or 3 people consistently, hopefully 4 new consistent Future A&S on an ad hoc basis. Possible student grad here too.

Exchequer – $2215.43 in funds, $2111.22, NMS not cleared from stonedog. Check missing from 1 year ago to Siobhan, may need a reissue.

Marshal – Godfrey passed sword and shield yesterday, Lucas passed two stick.  Practices and new people.

Stone Dog –
April 1st confirmed with St Sephens Lutheran, and Kingdom Calendar
Tournament of the courtier is a go
Merchants – contact Samii
Lunch still seeking someone.
Feast – $720, 80 people, $12/head. Greecian Feast. Maestra di cucina – Helewyse
Site Fee – church asked for $200, may donate $200 extra
Samii and Chirstina need to work on Budget.
Steven willing to run games.

Other business – close meeting.