Monthly Archives: June 2016

Meeting Notes – 6/5/2016

June 5th  – Grey Gargoyles meeting – held in Midlothian.
Seneshcal – quarterly report was filled a day late but still filled. Demo opportunity missed, no interest
Exchequer – $4026.54, several undeposited checks, event report completed. Bank report completed. NMS mailed on time
Webminister – we have a website, will be updated with history of stone dog. Report sent on time.
Siobhan, A&S nothing much, Archery – nothing to report, Chatelaine – no movement on anything. Herald – working on personal devices.
Marshal – Dilan authorized at Tournament of Flowers, Lucas just fighting.
Old Business – none
New Business –
Baronial meet up report from Milan- Making leather circlets for Barony for AoAs, Baroness Wars looking for teams, Chatelaines touching base with each other, need articles for news letter.  Thrown weapons MIT classes at 50 year.  Looking to bid for crown tourney 2016.  Scribin and imbibing 3 set
Sept 11th next meeting. Ayreton asking – discussion regarding Grey Gargoyles to host, possibly at Church. Helewyse to head up.
Stone Dog – Milan volunteering to autocrat next year. Silk Road themed, will be mostly handled online. Tentative date – April 15th 2017.
Permission to spend money on straws and Gatorade – granted
Brief conversation about future direction of Grey Gargoyles.
Hearing no further business meeting closed.