Meeting Notes – 4/3/2016

April Meeting – Grey Gargoyles

Seneschal report – Nothing to report

Exchequer report – Reporting now monthly and accrual accounting not cash accounting,
Quarterly reports still due and signed.
Account $3343.32
Need inventory of Grey Gargoyles gear. May access, we need Susana there with key.
Still need to add Seneschal to account.
need receipt or contract with church regarding meeting fees of $25.

Herald – report in on time.  Rejection on submission for badge, was redrawn needs resubbing.

Knights Marshall –no practice site officially on campus, can fight outside if weather is good, church costs money.
Still working on boy scouts.

Stone Dog – rapier marshal good. Games need extra croupiers, mostly good.  Dinner preview all good.  Auction and moving stuff around. Will do inventory today and check other building. People still unsure about new location.

New business – need check for $100 for start up cash.
payment for site for today approved.

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