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Stone Dog XII Pre-Registration


Greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom. The Canton of Grey Gargoyles is pleased to announce that pre-registration for Stone Dog Inn XII: Russian Into Fun is now open! Please use the attached document to pre-register: Stone-Dog-Inn-XII-Pre-registration

Event Fees
Registration: $10 for 5 years and older
Member Registration: $5 for 5 years and older
Ages 4 and under are FREE
Lunch Tavern: $5
Feast: $10

Pre-Registration money for Stone Dog can be sent to:

Haelga Ingrdottr (Christina Ondera)

14810 S Ketelaar Dr Apt 3E

Midlothian, IL 60445


Please make checks or money orders payable to SCA Inc. Canton of Grey Gargoyles

Please include your name, SCA name, if you are registering for lunch and/or feast. If you would like an e-mailed receipt, please include an e-mail address.


Pre-registration for Stone Dog ends 4/16/2016!

Meeting Notes – 3/6/2016

Grey Gargoyles March Meeting Minutes  3/6/2016

Officer Notes:

Present – Seneschal, Herald, Exchequer.

Absent, reports sent – Chatelaine, A&S, Archery, Student Rep (all in one person) and Knights Marshal.


  • nothing new to report


  • Paying checks for Stone Dog, currently available $3244.11


  • We have 2-3 newer fighters, training them up.
  • Emailed my thoughts on the boy scout demo to Marshal and Seneschal, pending response.


  • We’ve done a bunch of A&S stuff in the past month. Examples: coin casting, Scribin & Imbibin! Go us!


  • Q1 report is in on time.

Student Rep Liaison

  • I told the guys about the mtg, but in case they don’t show – Elo was checking if we needed to rebid for fight space for spring quarter, and will file the paperwork if so. She didn’t think we needed to. Pending further word from her on that.


  • No report

Knights Marshal

  • Not present, no report.


  • updates posted quickly, site looks good

Stone Dog Inn

  • All coins cast, event prep going well. All coins cast and were bagged (after meeting).
  • Feast cook will be setting up a tasting soon (per exchequer).
  • Event steward is recruiting croupiers.
  • Lunch menu needs to be finalized and sent to Webminister.

Old business

  • Seneschal still needs to be added as signatory.

New Business

  • The ability of the group to hire a babysitter for an event was discussed, it will not be arranged nor paid for by the group. But individuals as always are free to make private arrangements.