If you have questions about this year’s event, please feel free to contact the following individuals:

Position SCA Name Mundane Name E-mail Address
Event Steward Master Etienne le couteau des Roches
Lady Berngard Solgai (called Moose)
Steven DesRoches
Dori Becker
Site Liaison Lady Susanna the Short Susan Mickelson mickel14[at]
Gate Steward
Youth Coordinator
Class Mistress
Lady Siobhan An Einigh Alessandra West[at]
Lunch Steward Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad S. Louise Smithson helewyse[at]
Feast Steward Lord Samson Muskovich (called Samii) Milan Nelson SamiiTiger[at]
Rapier Marshal-in-Charge Master Kai Tseng Jim Lai rapier.marshal[at]
Merchant Coordinator Lady Alys of Grey Gargoyles Amanda Stark starkmamanda[at]