Time Event
9:00 AM Site Opens! Welcome to Stone Dog Inn XIV!
10:00 AM Rapier Combat and Games Begin!
Merchants Open
12:00 PM Lunch is served!
Brewing and Vinting Competition
1:00 PM Class: FABLIEAUX or Tavern Tales
Lunch ends
2:00 PM Class: What’s that hat? A beginners guide to the awards and titles of the SCA
3:00 PM Class: An Example of 14th Century Jewish Illumination
Stick Pony Races (3 Heats)
3:30 PM Games Close
Populace Tavern Brawl/Pillow Fight
4:00 PM Merchants Close
Baronial Court
4:30 PM Wedding Ceremony
5:00 PM Feast Begins
Drawings for the Raffle will be held during Feast
8:00 PM Site Closes
Thank you for attending! We hope to see you again soon!


Casual Brewing and Vinting Competition: Done during lunch, bottles placed onstage with voting bowls for coins in front of each. We will provide plastic shot glasses to limit quantity. Supervision required by an adult to prevent consumption by minors. Open to anyone who has a bottle or two to enter.

Fencing/Rapier Combat: There will be a melee game where the two sides compete to score the most loot from a crippled caravan guard by some elite fencers. And there will be a winner take all tournament where you get a single rapier but have to buy your secondary weapons each round with coins.

Mongolian Biathalon, Or Mounted Archery: A Stick Pony will be ridden around a course set up in the main room. You must not fall off (drop your steed), and then you shoot (nerf) arrows at a target containing fierce creatures. The return on your 1T wager will be based on the target hole you hit.

Stick Pony Races: Just before the renowned Populace Pillow Fight, we will hold races for 6 contestants in each of the following age groups 4 to 8, 9 to 14 and 15 to adult. Betting can be done beforehand as in a full-size race. Only one race in each age group, so sign up early!

Wedding Ceremony: Please join us as we celebrate a union of cultures — Mongols and Normans — as Master Etienne le couteau des Roches and Lady Berngard Solgai (called Moose) tie the knot.


FABLIEAUX or Tavern Tales
Taught by: THL Seathán MacDhabhidh
1 hour. No cost. No size or age restrictions.
A discussion and presentation of period rhymed couplet tales for commoners as told in taverns and inns in the 12th and 13th centuries. Content was usually comical and often coarse or cynical and was designed for a public audience. Themes often made fun of the clergy and upper classes and were designed to entertain the low-born. These tales might have been a way for a traveling bard to earn/trade for a meal and place to sleep while traveling from village to village.

What’s that hat? A beginners guide to the awards and titles of the SCA
Taught by: Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad
Class limit 15
No handout fee
Class time – 30 minutes plus treasure hunt
Come learn about the various headgear, badges and more of the SCA, intended for newcomers or the confused. 30 minutes class time, plus go out and about at this event (and others) to get signatures by recipients of each Midrealm award. Completed treasure hunts will receive a surprise gift.

An Example of 14th Century Jewish Illumination
Taught by: THL Seathán MacDhabhidh
1 hour. No cost. No size or age restrictions.
A presentation and discussion of the history of illuminations in the 14th century Sarajevo Haggadah. Note: This class is uniquely timely as the day of the event is also the last day of passover this year!


The Trade Post – We sell artisan soaps and other things
Celtic Sun – Miscellaneous SCA goods to enrich your life