Stone Dog Inn Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stone Dog Inn?
The event was first conceived as an event recreating the best of an inn.  With gaming, gambling, loot, fantastic food with maybe a small brawl and a few “knife fights”.

What this means is that all the activities of the day are themed around gaming and having fun!

Why should I bring my family to Stone Dog Inn?
It is fun for all ages, many of our activities are great for children and adults alike. It is affordable for the family: Children under 12 are free, 12-17 are half price.

What’s the deal with the coins?
Your site token is a small bag of Stone Dog coins (these are specific to the event, outside struck coins are NOT legal tender here) throughout the day you can choose to increase the number of coins in your possession by engaging in games of luck and/or skill.

What games do you have?
In previous years, we have run dice, card and board games. We try to concentrate on period gaming practices. Each game will be run by the house who can train you up in how it works.  Many are easy and appropriate for children and adults both.

I am interested in helping you run games, who do I contact?
If you run games, you get the house advantage and we give you more coins to work with. All it takes is an hour or two of your time. Please contact the autocrat to volunteer.

What do I do with my coins then?
This is where it gets good. Two talons can be exchanged for a raffle ticket. The raffle ticket is then placed in the bag of an item you want. At the end of the event we draw the tickets and if your name is called you win the item.

What sort of things are in the raffle?
We aim to buy items that appeal both to youth and adults. We often also receive white elephant goods from SCAdians of items that no longer fit or are relevant.

How can I get more tickets/coin?
The church we run the event in has a food pantry. In conversations with our member who helps to run the pantry we have learned that there is always a shortage of meat based proteins (canned hams, chicken, beef) and milk (powdered or UHT milk is perfect). New this year if you bring canned/preserved food or milk for the food pantry you get to spin the wheel of chance. You may win small or big but you will always win something (either raffle tickets or coin).

Alternatively, you can bring your gently used outgrown children’s garb or other gently used, no longer relevant to you, SCA items to our store keeper and he will offer raffle tickets in exchange, haggling is encouraged!

What other activities are on offer?
In keeping with the event theme many of the tourneys and competitions will include the running of a betting pool. All bets will be tallied and the winning odds determined by the number winning bets/total number bets. If you have ever taken part in the betting on crown tournament this will be run in a similar manner.

Details will follow soon about the: Rapier Tournament, Pony races (hobby horses), Mounted archery (hobby horses + nerf arrows), Ski ball, Norman vs. Mongol pillow fight, youth boffer tavern brawl, adult tavern brawl, Bocce ball and more!

What about food?
Lunch will be available on site as well as a delicious feast. Updates to the website are coming soon.

Will there be merchants?
It is a small site, so we often have space for only a few merchants. We are currently in the process of approaching merchants, and we will update the website with merchant information when available.

Will there be classes?
Hopefully, if you are interested in teaching, especially if it is youth or gaming related please contact our classroom co-ordinator:
Lady Siobhan An Einigh, email: siobhan.an.einigh[at]gmail.com.

I want more information?
We are in the process of updating the website and firming up event specifics but if you have  questions, please feel free to contact the appropriate staff member.