Casual Brewing & Vinting Competition: Done during lunch, bottles placed onstage with voting bowls for coins in front of each. We will provide plastic shot glasses to limit quantity. Supervision required by an adult to prevent consumption by minors. Open to anyone who has a bottle or two to enter.

Mongolian Biathalon, Or Mounted Archery: A Stick Pony will be ridden around a course set up in the main room. You must not fall off (drop your steed), and then you shoot (nerf) arrows at a target containing fierce creatures. The return on your 1T wager will be based on the target hole you hit.

Stick Pony Races: Just before the renowned Populace Pillow Fight, we will hold races for 6 contestants in each of the following age groups 4 to 8, 9 to 14 and 15 to adult. Betting can be done beforehand as in a full-size race. Only one race in each age group, so sign up early!