Note this is the previous years event. Stone Dog is on hiatus for 2019. We will return in 2020!


Welcome to the official page for the annual event for the Canton of Grey Gargoyles, Stone DogĀ  Inn. Contained within the site are links to information on previous years’ events as well as the current event.

Want to know what happens at a Stone Dog Inn? Visit our Event FAQ here: http://greygargoyles.midrealm.org/stonedog/2018-stone-dog-xiv/faq/

Have questions about this year’s event? Contact our event staff here: http://greygargoyles.midrealm.org/stonedog/2018-stone-dog-xiv/staff/

Current Event

Pre-Registration information can be found HERE!

For the current event, as plans are laid out, feel free to check back frequently for updates!