Event Schedule Scribing

Last updated: 02/10/2020

10:00 AM Hillary of Langeforde Personalizing Scrolls for the Recipient: This will be a demonstration and discussion of finding ways to incorporate rationalization into all manner of SCA illumination styles using period inspiration. Will include ways to play detective in order to gain an understanding of a gentle’s interests. Class participants are welcome to bring examples of scrolls they have personalized to show.
1:00 PM Madame Heather Hall Sealed With A… : Discussion and demonstration of the use of seals throughout history
1:00 PM Lord Balthazar the Painter Reading Medieval Manuscripts for Beginners: In this hands-on class, you will transcribe and translate text from several (mostly Latin) manuscripts using modern online tools. No prior language knowledge or manuscript studies required.
2:00 PM Lord Balthazar the Painter Comics for Kings: If you are a fan of modern comic books, you may be under the impression that the first ones were written in the 1930s and 1940s. Long-form comics actually developed in Europe between 800 and 1300. Here you will see the evolution of pictorial stories from ancient times to the modern era.