Event Schedule Imbibing

Updated 2-10-2020

10:00 AM Malcolm Mor Raw Ales from Northern Europe: Raw ales are ales that are mashed, sparged, and unboiled; common to Northern Europe, in particular the Baltic regions. Examples include Sahti, Keptinis, and Gotlandsdrinke, they survive even today and are brews appropriate to period brewers
11:00 AM Christian Fournier, OL OD Understanding the Reinheitsgebot: The Reinheitsgebot is often described as a German law ensuring the purity of commercially produced beer, with its origins in the 16th century, but is it any of those things, really?

In this one-hour discussion, we’ll look at the history of Brauordnungen (brewing laws) in Germanic lands, and what the 1516 Bavarian ordnance meant to local breweries and the drinking public.

1:00 PM Christian Fournier, OL OD Beer is good (so stop being so fussy): Ever get tired of your brewing notebook? Yeah, I did too, after my very first batch of beer! Turns out, beer is simple to make, and to make well. This one-hour class will address the critical pitfalls to avoid when brewing, so you can relax and play with your brewing.
3:00 PM Malcolm Mor Brewers Round-table: The rules are simple. Bring something you made, be prepared to give a **SHORT** talk on (a) What you made, (b) What you hoped for, (c) What you got, (d) What you learned. The sit back and be prepared to answer questions, and get feedback and advice. Come prepared to give what input you are comfortable with, truthful but sans meanness. Novice to advanced welcome