Canton Meeting February 4 2018. In physical attendance Seneschal, Herald, Chatelaine,A&S, Martial.. Seneschal – Quarterly report submitted late (2/4/18) but has now been submitted. Herald – reports in nothing else to report. Exchequer – Domesday submitted,still working on updating signatories. . A&S – Coin day for Stone Dog a giant success, over 1000 coins made. […]

Canton Meeting January 11th, 2018. In physical attendance: Seneschal and Chatelaine, A&S. Everyone else phoned in. Seneschal – Checked to make sure every one is good with the Herald – reports in nothing else to report. Exchequer – We have $1286.65 at end of year. Draft domesday submitted, should have it for signatures at 12th […]

Canton Meeting October 22nd 2017 Seneschal – report will be filed soon.  Warrented for another year. Herald – Susan received a Dragons Heart at local event. Exchequer – Review of books went well.  Good for 2 years.  New updates on random things.  Exchequer must have deputy.  Signatories need update to current officers. Paperwork forms are […]

Present – Helewyse, Etienne, Loretta, Alice, Zygar, Milan/Samii, Siobhan, Bones. Seneschal – I was late with my report. Be aware that kingdom is being fussy, with exchequer. Exchequer – We need to do a review of the books, scheduled for all souls.  Currently $2486, check for storage still needs to clear, still need a check […]

November 2016 Grey Gargoyles Meeting Present – Louise, Christina, Steven, Susan, Adam & Dillon (student reps) Seneschal – New schedule system working currently for everyone? Agreement from Adam and other parties. A&S minister – MOAS, reports filed, Godrick continues to offer armoring nights. Archery – archery is everything ongoing, Webminister – – We still have […]

Greetings all!   As Canton MOAS, I am issuing an A&S challenge to all within Grey Gargoyles (and any other Ayretonians who wish to participate) – The Challenge of Threes.  There are three levels to this challenge, each of which can win participants a prize made by my own hands!  Enthusiasm and participation are prized […]

June 5th  – Grey Gargoyles meeting – held in Midlothian. Seneshcal – quarterly report was filled a day late but still filled. Demo opportunity missed, no interest Exchequer – $4026.54, several undeposited checks, event report completed. Bank report completed. NMS mailed on time Webminister – we have a website, will be updated with history of […]

April Meeting – Grey Gargoyles Seneschal report – Nothing to report Exchequer report – Reporting now monthly and accrual accounting not cash accounting, Quarterly reports still due and signed. Account $3343.32 Need inventory of Grey Gargoyles gear. May access, we need Susana there with key. Still need to add Seneschal to account. need receipt or […]

Oyez! Greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom. The Canton of Grey Gargoyles is pleased to announce that pre-registration for Stone Dog Inn XII: Russian Into Fun is now open! Please use the attached document to pre-register: Stone-Dog-Inn-XII-Pre-registration Event Fees Registration: $10 for 5 years and older Member Registration: $5 for 5 years and […]