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Meeting Notes — 11/6/2016

November 2016 Grey Gargoyles Meeting

Present – Louise, Christina, Steven, Susan, Adam & Dillon (student reps)

Seneschal – New schedule system working currently for everyone? Agreement from Adam and other parties.

A&S minister – MOAS, reports filed, Godrick continues to offer armoring nights.

Archery – archery is everything ongoing,

Webminister – – We still have a website.
– Working on stone dog website on the back-end.
– Report due on the 15th, will be sent in within the next 2 days..

Herald – nothing to report, some people to submit names and devices

Student rep – 2 or 3 people consistently, hopefully 4 new consistent Future A&S on an ad hoc basis. Possible student grad here too.

Exchequer – $2215.43 in funds, $2111.22, NMS not cleared from stonedog. Check missing from 1 year ago to Siobhan, may need a reissue.

Marshal – Godfrey passed sword and shield yesterday, Lucas passed two stick.  Practices and new people.

Stone Dog –
April 1st confirmed with St Sephens Lutheran, and Kingdom Calendar
Tournament of the courtier is a go
Merchants – contact Samii
Lunch still seeking someone.
Feast – $720, 80 people, $12/head. Greecian Feast. Maestra di cucina – Helewyse
Site Fee – church asked for $200, may donate $200 extra
Samii and Chirstina need to work on Budget.
Steven willing to run games.

Other business – close meeting.

Challenge of Threes

Greetings all!


As Canton MOAS, I am issuing an A&S challenge to all within Grey Gargoyles (and any other Ayretonians who wish to participate) – The Challenge of Threes.  There are three levels to this challenge, each of which can win participants a prize made by my own hands!  Enthusiasm and participation are prized here over precise periodicity, so please join in!  This Challenge will run through Stone Dog 2017, Apr 15.


The Details:


Level 1 – LEARN 3 Things – Learn about 3 topics in period, new to you, and tell me about them!  Arts and Sciences topics are preferred, but any topics new to you count! Minimum of 3 sentences per topic if you’re writing me, or for you illiterate warrior-types, tell me at an event or practice.  Completion of this level will earn you a delicious homemade food or drink thing!


Level 2 – MAKE 3 Things – Make 3 things found in period, new to you, and tell me about them!  Note, these need not be physical items; bardic composition, etc are welcome also. Again, you can either write a minimum of 3 sentences and show me a picture, or show/tell me in person.  Completion of this level will earn you a handmade cloth or jewelry craft!


Level 3 – TEACH 3 Things – Teach 3 topics to at least 3 other people, and tell me about it!  These need not be formal classes at events (although you’re always encouraged to do so!), but at least 3 other people must be present/learning for it to count. As before you can write or tell me in person…even better, invite me to the class or give me a handout from it!  Completion of this level will earn you a leather craft of mine!



Now, who will meet my challenge?

Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht

MOAS, Canton of Grey Gargoyles

Meeting Notes – 6/5/2016

June 5th  – Grey Gargoyles meeting – held in Midlothian.
Seneshcal – quarterly report was filled a day late but still filled. Demo opportunity missed, no interest
Exchequer – $4026.54, several undeposited checks, event report completed. Bank report completed. NMS mailed on time
Webminister – we have a website, will be updated with history of stone dog. Report sent on time.
Siobhan, A&S nothing much, Archery – nothing to report, Chatelaine – no movement on anything. Herald – working on personal devices.
Marshal – Dilan authorized at Tournament of Flowers, Lucas just fighting.
Old Business – none
New Business –
Baronial meet up report from Milan- Making leather circlets for Barony for AoAs, Baroness Wars looking for teams, Chatelaines touching base with each other, need articles for news letter.  Thrown weapons MIT classes at 50 year.  Looking to bid for crown tourney 2016.  Scribin and imbibing 3 set
Sept 11th next meeting. Ayreton asking – discussion regarding Grey Gargoyles to host, possibly at Church. Helewyse to head up.
Stone Dog – Milan volunteering to autocrat next year. Silk Road themed, will be mostly handled online. Tentative date – April 15th 2017.
Permission to spend money on straws and Gatorade – granted
Brief conversation about future direction of Grey Gargoyles.
Hearing no further business meeting closed.

Meeting Notes – 4/3/2016

April Meeting – Grey Gargoyles

Seneschal report – Nothing to report

Exchequer report – Reporting now monthly and accrual accounting not cash accounting,
Quarterly reports still due and signed.
Account $3343.32
Need inventory of Grey Gargoyles gear. May access, we need Susana there with key.
Still need to add Seneschal to account.
need receipt or contract with church regarding meeting fees of $25.

Herald – report in on time.  Rejection on submission for badge, was redrawn needs resubbing.

Knights Marshall –no practice site officially on campus, can fight outside if weather is good, church costs money.
Still working on boy scouts.

Stone Dog – rapier marshal good. Games need extra croupiers, mostly good.  Dinner preview all good.  Auction and moving stuff around. Will do inventory today and check other building. People still unsure about new location.

New business – need check for $100 for start up cash.
payment for site for today approved.

Stone Dog XII Pre-Registration


Greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom. The Canton of Grey Gargoyles is pleased to announce that pre-registration for Stone Dog Inn XII: Russian Into Fun is now open! Please use the attached document to pre-register: Stone-Dog-Inn-XII-Pre-registration

Event Fees
Registration: $10 for 5 years and older
Member Registration: $5 for 5 years and older
Ages 4 and under are FREE
Lunch Tavern: $5
Feast: $10

Pre-Registration money for Stone Dog can be sent to:

Haelga Ingrdottr (Christina Ondera)

14810 S Ketelaar Dr Apt 3E

Midlothian, IL 60445


Please make checks or money orders payable to SCA Inc. Canton of Grey Gargoyles

Please include your name, SCA name, if you are registering for lunch and/or feast. If you would like an e-mailed receipt, please include an e-mail address.


Pre-registration for Stone Dog ends 4/16/2016!

Meeting Notes – 3/6/2016

Grey Gargoyles March Meeting Minutes  3/6/2016

Officer Notes:

Present – Seneschal, Herald, Exchequer.

Absent, reports sent – Chatelaine, A&S, Archery, Student Rep (all in one person) and Knights Marshal.


  • nothing new to report


  • Paying checks for Stone Dog, currently available $3244.11


  • We have 2-3 newer fighters, training them up.
  • Emailed my thoughts on the boy scout demo to Marshal and Seneschal, pending response.


  • We’ve done a bunch of A&S stuff in the past month. Examples: coin casting, Scribin & Imbibin! Go us!


  • Q1 report is in on time.

Student Rep Liaison

  • I told the guys about the mtg, but in case they don’t show – Elo was checking if we needed to rebid for fight space for spring quarter, and will file the paperwork if so. She didn’t think we needed to. Pending further word from her on that.


  • No report

Knights Marshal

  • Not present, no report.


  • updates posted quickly, site looks good

Stone Dog Inn

  • All coins cast, event prep going well. All coins cast and were bagged (after meeting).
  • Feast cook will be setting up a tasting soon (per exchequer).
  • Event steward is recruiting croupiers.
  • Lunch menu needs to be finalized and sent to Webminister.

Old business

  • Seneschal still needs to be added as signatory.

New Business

  • The ability of the group to hire a babysitter for an event was discussed, it will not be arranged nor paid for by the group. But individuals as always are free to make private arrangements.

Meeting Notes – 2/7/2016

Grey Gargoyles February Meeting Minutes                2/7/2016

Officer Reports

Seneschal – Helewyse

  • If there’s a problem, let her know, if not, nice and short report is preferred.


Exchequer – Haelga

  • We have $3567.04 in the bank
  • There are still a couple of checks that need to clear
  • The report got in on time!
  • We need to add Helewyse on the account


Marshal – Thomas

  • Practice is back at U of C
  • Next weekend (2/14) is the folk festival on campus, might have to come up with alternate fighting arrangements.
  • Loretta auth’d at 12th Night!  Yay!


Chatelaine – Siobhán

  • We had a couple of demos, one for a science team at U of C who wished to video us for a project, one with a separate video project.
  • Several new fighters!  Yay!
  • New person garb night occurred in Jan


A&S – Siobhán

  • There is now dancing on Sundays to go with fighter practice.
  • Still working on getting a classroom for once a month AS classes on rotating topics
  • New person garb night occurred in Jan
  • There are several upcoming events with opportunities to teach, including Scribin and Imbibin!


Archery – Siobhán

  • There was archery at New Years
  • Setting up Forest Preserve archery for Saturdays with Samii as it gets nicer
  • Archery may also start up with the College of Dupage


Student Rep – Siobhán reporting for Elo and Adam

  • Adam is in Morocco and Elo working on her PhD this quarter, so they are working in tandem.
  • Adam has been sending weekly reminder emails to the student group for practice
  • Elo is handling reservations
  • Need to find out when Spring Quarter reservations need to be in!


Web Minister – Haelga reporting for Samii

  • Samii is now Webminister
  • Stone Dog site is up and being updated as more details come in


Herald – Etienne

  • The canton device has been mailed to the Escutcheon Herald for processing
  • Canton favors are in progress
  • Some individual devices are in progress


Stone Dog

Budget Proposed:

$200 on pewter

$200 on prizes

$100 on printing

$700 on lunch and feast

$1200 total

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



120-150 people expected, all for lunch, 80 for feast

Budget voted on and approved


Cast of Characters:

Autocrat – Etienne

Feastocrat – Samii – Siobhán  kitchen minion

Lunch Mistress – Helewyse – will also be helping with feast

Rapier Marshal – (soon to be) Master de Cecil

Tournament of the Courtier – Master John Inchingham

Troll – Haelga – working with Loretta and Bojei

Games and Pawn Shop – still need people to work shifts

Boffer – Kenneth and Susan

Merch Coordinator – Thomas

Brute Squad – Clovenshield


Dance and rapier pickups will have to occur outside, assuming it is nice out.


Schedule (ish)  – The full schedule will be drawn up and given to the Webminister shortly

8 am – workers arrive – breakfast for workers discussed as incentive to arrive early

9am – site opens, inspections, etc

9:45 – Tournament of the Courtier starts

10 – Games and rapier tournament

11:30 – 12 – break for lunch.  Lunch concert (Viento Antiguo, Baron’s Noyse, Pippins to be asked)

Once tables are set up in the gym for lunch, they can stay up the rest of the day for activities, feast, court, etc.

1-2 Bardic competition – part of Tournament of Courtier – in the sanctuary?

2-3 Speaking competition – part of Tournament of Courtier – in the sanctuary?

3 Tavern brawl in the gym

4 Games and pawn close

4:30 Baronial court

5 get out of the sanctuary, church services start at 6

5:30 Feast!

7-9 Auction


Pre-reg –  We may not have Paypal access, so will have to have checks

Concert – Emilysue may be able to serve as Concert Mistress


New Business

A local boy scout troup, #599, has built a catapult and wishes to test it on some local fighters

-Emails will be sent to the Chatelaine and Marshal to find out more details on the catapult

and the demo desired.


Gargoyles Pennsic Encampment

-Funds requested to maintain locker with GG Pennsic items – Approved $400

-Shannon, former Gargoylean, will be land-o-crat

-Still some space in the locker for personal items

Stone Dog Inn XII Coin-A-Thon

From Master Etienne:

This is to announce the next Stone Dog Inn’s vital Coin-A-Thon, where eager moneyers, pewterers and the general populace can participate in the creation of the coins needed for our favorite event! It will be held on Saturday February 27, 2PM at the home of Lord Ack and Lady Susanna, 4126 149th St. Midlothian IL, 60445

1553343_631741110212951_1151727276_o 1275355_631741066879622_1522553275_o

Updates – 1/24/2016

Welcome to the new Canton of Grey Gargoyles site! In an effort to modernize our web space, we have installed WordPress, which will allow for us to update the site more frequently and with greater ease.

For the most part, the site still looks the same, with a few minor tweaks to appearance.