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November 2016 Grey Gargoyles Meeting Present – Louise, Christina, Steven, Susan, Adam & Dillon (student reps) Seneschal – New schedule system working currently for everyone? Agreement from Adam and other parties. A&S minister – MOAS, reports filed, Godrick continues to offer armoring nights. Archery – archery is everything ongoing, Webminister – – We still have […]

Greetings all!   As Canton MOAS, I am issuing an A&S challenge to all within Grey Gargoyles (and any other Ayretonians who wish to participate) – The Challenge of Threes.  There are three levels to this challenge, each of which can win participants a prize made by my own hands!  Enthusiasm and participation are prized […]

June 5th  – Grey Gargoyles meeting – held in Midlothian. Seneshcal – quarterly report was filled a day late but still filled. Demo opportunity missed, no interest Exchequer – $4026.54, several undeposited checks, event report completed. Bank report completed. NMS mailed on time Webminister – we have a website, will be updated with history of […]

April Meeting – Grey Gargoyles Seneschal report – Nothing to report Exchequer report – Reporting now monthly and accrual accounting not cash accounting, Quarterly reports still due and signed. Account $3343.32 Need inventory of Grey Gargoyles gear. May access, we need Susana there with key. Still need to add Seneschal to account. need receipt or […]

Oyez! Greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom. The Canton of Grey Gargoyles is pleased to announce that pre-registration for Stone Dog Inn XII: Russian Into Fun is now open! Please use the attached document to pre-register: Stone-Dog-Inn-XII-Pre-registration Event Fees Registration: $10 for 5 years and older Member Registration: $5 for 5 years and […]

From Mistress Helewyse: Reminder – next business meeting is next Sunday, March 6th at 2pm, I promise it will be brief (and I’ll try to be on time this time). Same location as the fight practice.

Stone Dog Inn XII Coin-A-Thon

From Master Etienne: Greetings! This is to announce the next Stone Dog Inn’s vital Coin-A-Thon, where eager moneyers, pewterers and the general populace can participate in the creation of the coins needed for our favorite event! It will be held on Saturday February 27, 2PM at the home of Lord Ack and Lady Susanna, 4126 […]

Welcome to the new Canton of Grey Gargoyles site! In an effort to modernize our web space, we have installed WordPress, which will allow for us to update the site more frequently and with greater ease. For the most part, the site still looks the same, with a few minor tweaks to appearance.